Capture more than just an email address. Book more meetings with qualified leads.

Automate lead-qualification on your website using machine learning, and drive actions based on real-time answers.

Drive prospects smoothly into your sales pipeline.

KickFlow reduces the complexity of your sales process by allowing you to automatically qualify site visitors, personalize every engagement and turn conversations into structured data using machine learning.

By the time your team joins the conversation, you would have collected the info you want, or better, drove well-timed actions.

How it works

The sales process is complex; prospects need to be qualified and integrated accordingly into your sales funnel. This can be done manually, but it’s time consuming and exhausts your sales team with bad-fits.

With KickFlow on your site, you can easily automate your prospect qualification process using machine learning. Better yet, you'll have the ability to steer the conversation based on the prospect's answers.

Target visitors based on events

Personalize interactions with your site visitors by triggering the right message at the right situation. This will help you maximize your engagement rate and drive valuable actions.

Website visitor checks the blog for the first time.

A new Lead record is created.

Lead is tagged with "blog_subscriber".

Lead data automatically goes to your CRM.

Qualify leads

Automate your lead qualification process by instructing the AI to ask the right questions and collecting the data you care about the most. Take full control of the flow to steer the conversation and call-to-action based on the prospect's answers.

A prospect is on your pricing page ready to be qualified

user data automatically goes to your CRM

Capture data intelligently

Stop manually entering your prospects' info. Our AI engine can parse raw text into structured data such as an email address and updates records instantly. You can even train the AI to capture customized data by giving it examples.

AI detects the lead attribute "sales CRM" as Salesforce

AI updates records instantly.

Drive well-timed actions

Whether your goal is to increase the size of your email list or the number of demos scheduled, KickFlow can turn your website into an autopilot to generate, qualify and engage leads 24/7.

Prospects can book meetings directly with
your sales team right from the chat widget.

A powerful messaging app when your team needs it

Prospects can easily book meetings with your sales team right from the chat widget. No more redirecting to 3rd party websites!

Prospects can still message you during offline hours, and will be notified via email when your sales team responds.

Let the chat widget follow your schedule, so that you will only be notified when it's appropriate.

Take advantage of a variety of messages types such as attribute capture forms and deep linked messages.

Save responses from commonly asked questions, and use them later when similar questions pop up.

Notify your teammates to instantly join you in a conversation you’re handling when certain situations arise.

Install KickFlow on your site, and start converting more visitors into valuable leads.

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